Senior Consultant

Omar Farghal

Job Description and Responsibilities:

Senior Consultant performing duties of Operations Research Analyst concentrating in operations, systems, process, logistics, supply chain management, management analysis, automotive product development plans, including supply chain management issues; in-depth statistical analyses; recommendations on operations, management policies, & procedures.

Create reports for clients as forecasting model on directions, personnel, suppliers, financial analysis; may accompany senior Company personnel for client presentations (5-10%, undetermined locations); create and monitor simulation/mathematical models; analyze information for  alternative courses of action.

Travel Requirements:

May telecommute during Covid 19 restrictions (after restrictions removed, work in Employer’s office), but must live within commuting distance of office site in Ann Arbor, MI; may travel one day per week to Employer secondary office in Akron, Ohio; possible relocation to Employer’s Akron, Ohio office.

Required Qualifications:

Requires Masters in Industrial and Operations Eng’g, related; 3 years exp. as Management Consultant, Process Consultant or Program Manager (or combination); foreign degree acceptable.


Job in Ann Arbor, MI.  Employer:  Pyramid Consulting International, LLC.

Send Applications to:

Sherif Farghal, 2350 Green Rd., Ste. 175, Ann Arbor, MI  48105